Aquasafe Fliptop Bottle 750 ML


Tupperware Aquasafe 500ml Bottle (Orange)Features & Benefits

Versatile and virtually liquid-tight bottle that makes storing cold beverages at home or outdoors easy.
Cap comes with tab for easy opening and sealing.
Small size makes it easy-to-hold for small hands.
Bottle fits snugly in the refrigerator door pocket.

Color mentioned and the image are for representation purpose only, actual product color may vary.

Tupperware Aquasafe Bottles 500ml (Set of 4) Water Bottles / Fridge Bottles 4pc Tupperware Aquasafe Bottles 500ml
25 Ratings
MRP Rs 640
Selling Price Rs 640
Rs 557

Aquasafe Fliptop  Bottle 750 ML

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