How to become a Tupperware consultant


How to become tupperware consultant

Q. How can i become Tupperware Consultant?
A. You need to contact any Tupperware consultant/Manager or distributor in your area.

Q. What are the perquisites ?
A. Any female with age of 18+ can join.

It is very easy to join Tupperware Dealership. No need of Investment require.

To become a Tupperware consultant send your Email Address
Or Contact 9892682544
Easy steps to become a Tupperware consultant/dealer.

1.Buy a starter Kit worth Rs 700 containing the product worth Rs 1300
2.Place a order product worth Rs Rs 5000 within 4 Weeks.

3.You will get the Dealer code from the Company.

How to connect Tupperware India
If you are looking for :
* How to join Tupperware
* How Tupperware dealership works
* Steps to become a Tupperware consultant/dealer

Then please go through the below steps ..

Its very easy to join Tupperware chain. Once u join the family of Tupperware, just start with a party. There is no initial investment required.

Easy steps to become a Tupperware Dealer/Consultant

 * Buy a Starter Kit worth 890/- containing the products worth RS 1300/- (approx)
 * Order Products worth 5000/- with in 4 weeks after joining
 * You will get the Dealer Code and You can start selling Tupperware Products.

Starter Kit Contents

 Contents                        Pcs             MRP
 MM Oval # 2                     1               330
 Cool n Fresh Small            1               170
 Mini Magic Flow                1               260
 Vegetable Peeler               1               225
 New Kit Bag(Hand bag)      1                 -

To place an order for the Tupperware product or to become a consultant in  in Mumbai send me an email to

Hello  8097626916/9819089983

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