Why to buy Tupperware from Authorised consultants

All Tupperware products are made from safe,non toxic materials, as they do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents.
It is used according to US food & drug administration standard.

Fashionable Design

Tupperware products are designed to motivate.
Unlike ordinary plastic, many Tupperware products have won
Worldwide awards such as Industrial design,
excellence awards,Reddot awards,If seal award & many More awards.

Color safe:-
One can enjoy the pleasant appearance of  tupperware  products in amazing trendy colors and be assured that colorants used are
all registered on French positive list.

Tight seal:- You can Place the seal in warm water for few minutes, dry thoroughly and then apply to container while still warm.

Stain Removal:-Use baking soda paste for removing stains and stickiness.

Liquid storage:- This product with classic round seal are liquid-tight & can be kept in any position.
You can place containers with any other type of seal in standing position.

Attractive designs & bright colors that are registered in safe list of the French positive world list.
Environment safe : increasing amount of plastic bottles we will need more landfill everyday, no more disposable bottles use Tupperware bottles In its place

Freshness :- Today,Tupperware keeps your food the freshest for longest with its air & liquid tight seal.
Your lunch will never spill all over your bag again while travelling.
To ensure maximum freshness ,when storing food ,remember to burp the seal.

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